At the fishing

  • Light clothes (7 T-shirts, 4 pairs of shorts)
  • 2 Sun ten lotion (factor 30 or greater)
  • Small flashlight
  • Extra batteries for flashlight
  • Camera, batteries, charger and memory cards
  • Polarized sun glasses
  • Fishing hat or cap
  • Rain coat
  • Sailing sneakers
  • Some disposable towels (like kitchen towels)

Fishing equipment

  • 2 medium-heavy rods (20/25 pounds – 5.6 or 6 feet) graphite or similar. (with 4000 spinning reel or bait casting reel)
  • 1 heavy rod 60/80 lbs (with compatible spinning reel or bait casting reel)
  • 1 pair of fish catch pliers (Boga Grip or similar)
  • 1 pair of beak pliers to remove fish-hooks
  • 1 pair of cutting pliers
  • 1 Trim nail cutter
  • Fish-hooks 7/0 and 10/0
  • 300 yards of 20/25 lbs (0.45mm) fishing line Monofilament (20 lbs Trilene big game is fine) or multifilament (braid line) PE 4 or 5 - about 0.35mm (Spectra)
  • Reinforced snaps
  • Tubular case to transport the rods (1 for 2 fishermen)
  • Pocket knife
  • Hard baits - Topwater zaras, poppers, Big Game with tail propellers, sub surface minnows, with reinforced triple hooks. Suggested size: 10 to 16 cm

Personal Use

  • Identification like ID, passport
  • Brazilian Fishing License (will be provided by our staff)
  • Cigarettes
  • soap, deodorant, toothpaste and brush
  • sandals
  • any medicines habitually taken
  • 2 bath towels

On the Trip

  • Wear a track suit with shorts underneath. You will arrive in Manaus with very high temperatures. (Same on the return)
  • In Manaus normally only light clothes are worn
  • In the hand luggage we take glasses, reels, cameras, etc. Knives and other dangerous materials are prohibited in hand luggage
  • Normally we take 1 canvas bag for clothing, 1 for fishing equipment and 1 for hand luggage. Avoid plastic boxes as these can break and open during the trip
  • We place artificial baits in their packaging with the fishing equipment
  • We recommend that before buying fishing material, consult anglers with experience of the region